Review: Puesto at the Headquarters (Downtown)

San Diego’s K9 Foodie here, back with another review!  With Cinco de Mayo coming up next week, I thought I’d take the opportunity to review one of our favorite new dog-friendly discoveries, Puesto at the Headquarters. This place has great food, festive environment and it’s right by the water, so you and your pooch can take a nice stroll when you’re done with your meal.

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Location – Located just outside of the Seaport Village parking lot, downtown on on Harbor Drive. Parking may be challenging, but they do have valet parking ($15) just steps away from the entrance of the restaurant.

Atmosphere – They are always busy so don’t try and make a reservation on Open Table, the app will tell you they have no availability, when the wait is only 10-15 minutes. Puesto is located at “The Headquarters” which was the police station back in the day that has been converted into a mall, with a variety of shops and restaurants and outdoor seating areas with umbrellas.  Puesto is a two story restaurant with a large outdoor shaded patio within the mall, there are bright orange planter boxes with greenery, to serve as the barrier between passersby and the tables.  If there’s a wait (for us there usually is because we always request a table at the end of the restaurant patio) there is plenty of seating in front of the restaurant to enjoy a margarita while you wait. The patio is festive with plenty of room to stretch out and chew on my bone while mom and dad enjoy their tequila flights and food!

Food – It is Dee-Li-Scious! Mom loves the chicken tacos!  She says they aren’t your traditional tacos, with greasy fried shells and tasteless meat, these are tender, juicy with a lot of flavor seared into the meat.  She gets the Chicken Verde and Chicken El Pastor, you get three to a plate and can can select a combination of any type from the menu. Dad goes for the Carnitas (of course) and says they are the the perfect amount of “crispy” and he likes the variety of salsa’s they give you (nopalitos, salsa fresca and creamy jalapeño salsa) along with their handmade maíz azul stone-ground tortillas. Mom and dad both enjoy the black beans and agree the herb and lime rice is a refreshing change up from the traditional tomato based mexican rice and that it’s very tasty. The salsa is fresh and up there with the best of them. The margaritas taste like fresh squeezed citrus, you won’t find any of that horrible tasting sweet and sour mix here.

Service – The hostess and servers are really nice and super dog friendly, they even let you hang with your people at the bar.

In summary, we love this place! We’ve been here about three times for lunch on the weekend in the last month or so.  I love taking a stroll over to Seaport Village afterward to watch the ducks play in the ponds all throughout  the shopping area, then stroll by the waterfront in the marina and play by the fountain outside the smoke shop while dad smokes a stogie. It makes for the perfect Saturday afternoon for the family!

789 W Harbor Dr. San Diego, CA 92101 | Get Directions | Yelp Pictures & Reviews

I say skip the crowds in Old Town this Cinco de Mayo and check out Puesto!


Puesto -APRIL 2017 k9foodiePuesto -APRIL 2017 (9)

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