REVIEW: Lake Murray Cafe​ (La Mesa)

San Diego’s K9 Foodie here, back with a review on The Lake Murray Cafe. This is a weekend breakfast spot we like because it’s about ten minutes from the house, so we like to have breakfast here and head over to the lake to throw the ball around afterwards.

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Location/Atmosphere – This is the perfect spot to grab breakfast or a sandwich either before or after a trip to the lake with your pooch. They have a covered outside patio, in the front of the restaurant with heaters. The inside isn’t much to write home about but they have big screen TV’s that can be viewed from inside and from the patio, great for sports fans. The patio is my jam, it’s large enough and spread out enough to accommodate multiple dogs, which on the weekends there are normally 3-5 dogs on the patio for breakfast. The ivy that surrounds the patio fence is a nice touch, it somewhat hides the view of the parking lot and the street. The best part is that there are tons of little birds that chirp and play and I love to watch them while my parents eat their meal.

Food – We typically go for breakfast on Saturday or Sunday. Mom likes the Pancakes or the ABC omelette and Dad typically gets the Lumberjack meal…which is absurdly large (3 strips bacon, 3 sausage links, hashbrowns, eggs and your choice of Belgian waffle, pancakes or french toast). It’s nothing fancy and I suggest you stick to breakfast and the sandwiches. A few standouts are; their large $3 mimosa’s, scratch made cinnamon rolls and at dinner their meals come with these outstanding pretzel rolls (delicious!). Mom opts for a salad and a pretzel roll for dinner, dad goes for one of the sandwiches.

Service – Service can be somewhat slow, depending who you get and when you go. There is definitely a wait on the weekends for outdoor/patio seating.

Note: If your pooch doesn’t do well with other dogs, then dinner during the week might be your best bet. The heaters will keep you warm and your dog will have plenty of space.



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