San Diego K9 Foodie is bloggin’!

IMG_0961I’m Buddy, San Diego’s K9 Foodie! I’m a lucky puppy because my parents take me practically everywhere they go since they adopted me in Sept 2016. We’ve been havingΒ fun adventures and making new restaurant discoveries since I was a puppy.

Finding new dog-friendly places where I am welcome has become our weekend family ritual, a whole new lifestyle for mom and dad, but they’re not complaining, I’m just too sweet to leave home alone. I startedΒ this blog so I could share the places that we’ve discoveredΒ with other K9 enthusiasts who enjoy dining out with their dogs.

This is just something I do for fun, so I welcome all contributions. Feel free to send me suggestions and/or pictures and I’ll be happy to share them here and on my social media!

Please say hello if you see me out on the town, I wear a blue harness that says “K9 Foodie”!



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